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The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) is a registered Scottish charity (SC 016085), dedicated to promoting Scottish country dance. It has a word-wide network of “branches” and affiliated groups, with an office in Edinburgh. Members form branches, and these branches run classes (particularly for beginners) and social events for their members and the general public in their particular area. The Society organizes national and international events on a regular basis and runs schools in Scotland and elsewhere to bring Scottish dancing within the reach of anyone and everyone, whatever their age or ability.


You don’t have to be a Scot to find your foot tapping to the irresistible rhythms of our stirring reels and haunting strathspeys. We have members all around the world, not just right here in Houston, ready to welcome you to their classes and events. Today’s Scottish Country Dances continue the tradition of social gatherings for the whole community. Whoever you are, wherever you are, or wherever you're from you can come along and be part of our worldwide family.




By joining the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) through the Houston & District Branch, you receive the following tangible benefits:


•  Discounted admission to Houston area classes, and sometimes other events such as local Balls and workshops

•  New members are given a gold metal magnetic name tag

•  10% off on most purchases from the website

•  Access to the members area of the RSCDS website

•  Scottish Country Dancer magazine, published twice a year by the RSCDS


Most importantly, you are supporting the continuation of Scottish Country Dancing worldwide. About 80% of your membership fee (depending on the exchange rate) is sent to RSCDS headquarters in Scotland. RSCDS has and continues to support Scottish Country Dancing in the following ways:


•  Establishing standard footwork and figures for dancing

•  Cataloging, printing, and recording dances and songs

•  Training, grading, and certifying teachers


RSCDS has established a standard for Scottish Country Dancing so that people can enjoy the same style of dancing in many places around the world. Your membership helps keep Scottish Country Dancing strong for future generations to continue enjoy.




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